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Mobile devices have evolved over the past few years. As manufacturing technology improves, smaller components can be produced.
One good example is the evolution of screen resolution in mobile devices as shown below.

mobile devicewidthheighpixel countscreen sizedpi
1999HP iPaq240320768003.5114
2003Nokia 6600176208366082.1130
2005E-TEN M500240320768002.8143
2006RIM BB8700g240320768002.6154
2007Nokia 6120240320768002200
2008I-Mate 81504806403072002.6308
2009Sony Xperia X14808003840003311
2010Apple iPhone46409606144003.5330

Below is the stefan test sequence in QCIF format encoded in VBR with a fixed QP of 25.

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